All your networks in one social widget

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Tech

It’s evident that most of us avid internet users actively use more than one social network. As reported in this study, the majority of LinkedIn and Twitter users also have Facebook accounts. The overlap of social networks will only grow with time and, with new social sites surfacing all the time (Google+, Spling, BackPlane), sharing your online presence will become increasingly more strenuous.

Using the social platform that I’ve built for 99Layers, you can now drop a custom social widget on your own site. The plugin is a dead simple way of pulling your online presence into one widget. As an example, I’ve added my social widget under the About Me section in the sidebar.

The remainder of this post will explain the steps to creating and getting your own social widget.

Step 1. Sign up to 99Layers

Go to and enter your username, email and password in the registration form.

Step 2. Connect your social networks

Click on the 'Sites' menu option and connect all your preferred social networks. When you connect to each site, 99Layers uses OAuth behind the scenes.

Step 3. Customize the social plugin

Now it’s time to customize your plugin. Go to the 'Plugin' menu option and you will see a preview of your social widget. You can change the theme, colours, width and if you want your photo shown or not.

Step 4. Drop the social widget on your site

After you've tweaked the plugin to your taste, copy the embed code and paste it where you want it to show up on your site.

Feel free to leave a comment or pop me a tweet (@ccharlesworth) with questions.

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